Students of WiddyUP -

This is a big deal. As you start planning and filming for your video, make sure you understand the opportunity here.

WiddyUP is different from other video platforms. Your WiddyUP videos are a chance to make a real impact in the world while showcasing something you’re excited about. You’re joining students around the country, even the world, and you’re part of a community. Something larger than yourself.

As you engage in the WiddyUP community, ask yourself, “How do I want to show up for my organization, my community, my family, and myself?”

Your video can be something you are incredibly proud of, something that represents you. Stick to the scope of the WiddyUP purpose and only include content about your talent or interest or dream.

Remember, you have unlimited takes to make your video exactly what you want, so take the time to plan, rewatch it before submitting, and have someone you respect watch your video as well.

Any form of suggestive content is not allowed. Be smart with your words and actions. With great talent and ability comes great responsibility. We welcome you here. WiddyUP!

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